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CONSIDERING A NEW SYSTEM? Provaliant has provided oversight for numerous retirement system replacement projects and, more importantly, helped ensure their success.

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Case Study: How Chicago Teachers’ Pension Fund (CTPF) Defined a New Customer Service Vision

System Assessment

If you want to know how modern technologies can help your organization provide better service levels, improve operations, and strengthen security, we’re ready to help. Our business and technical public retirement system experts will provide an analysis of your current systems, information about leading technologies, and guidance toward a technology roadmap that will achieve your organization’s strategic objectives.

Business Case

Our project feasibility analysis helps you assess the viability of starting a major project or implementing a strategic plan. We will work with your organization to develop a solid business case to justify your decision to go forward with your new initiatives. We place your “business before technology” by making sure that any new system fits your business needs.

RFP Development

Provaliant RFP development begins with the “end in mind”. As a full life-cycle project consulting organization, we understand that project outcomes depend heavily on the completeness and precision of the RFP requirements. We develop RFPs for public retirement organizations so they’re able to select the best vendor solution and get what they are paying for! We can do this because have captured the “best practices” from all phases of our clients’ projects and incorporated them into the Provaliant RFP development process. Provaliant develops RFPs for pension system replacements, data cleansing/migration, financial/accounting systems, imaging, and website development/redesign.

Vendor Selection

Our pension industry specific processes and templates provide guidance to your organization during the selection process. We will provide optional RFP scoring methods and help your staff to determine the best approach for you. We also provide support associated with setting-up vendor demonstrations, bidder conferences, performing reference checks, reviewing the submitted proposals, as well as notifications, finalist presentations, and management of and support for the contract negotiations.

Program Management

Program Management requires discipline and experience in running multiple projects at the same time. Why does your organization need Program Management? It is a major oversight to think that a pension system replacement project is a single standalone project. Most pension system replacements include data cleansing and migration, employer reporting outreach, business rule development, business procedures and training, legacy system decommissioning, organizational change, website enhancements, and financial system replacement, imaging, workflow, and ongoing maintenance and enhancements. Provaliant focuses on the program is to ensure that all the pieces of the effort are managed as a single unified effort to reduce risk and ensure success.

Project Management

We use a consistent and disciplined approach to planning, executing, controlling, and closing out information technology and other agency projects. Our goal is management of the schedules, risks and issues, reduce cycle time, reduced delivery costs, improved quality of project deliverables, and identification and manage project issues, budget, scope, and risks.

Project Oversight

Our approach to Project Oversight is to engage in an independent assessment review and analysis of a project, by applying knowledge and expertise to gauge performance and assess risk. At a high-level it provides your executives and stakeholders with an indication of the project’s status and outlook for success. At the detail level it will determine if the project will provide the functionality required by your organization and is on track to be completed within the estimated schedule and cost. Project oversight also identifies and quantifies any issues and risks affecting the program and underlying projects.

Business Process Modeling

Looking to model your organization’s business processes? Provaliant Retirement can help. Our experienced consultants will outline a detailed approach for modeling, business process improvements and an approach to implementing your business processes.

Project Risk Assessment

Poor risk management is often cited as a primary reason for dissatisfied stakeholders and cost/schedule overruns, as well as failure of projects and programs. Because the risks associated with a large program such as a system replacement are numerous and frequently interrelated, having a solid risk management process that ensures early detection and mitigation can avoid increased costs later in the program. Whether you have already started implementing a new project or are just in the early stages of initiating a new project, Provaliant can help to ensure its success by performing a risk assessment. An assessment can help your organization assess the risks of your project and decide what actions to take.